Everything about Japanese koinobori, carp windsock/streamer/kite.
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Koinobori windsocks

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the Children's Festival
In Japan, koinobori is a very seasonable item used only for the Children's Festival, May 5th. Generally, you cannot buy koinobori at most of the shops except in the last sales months, March and April, just before May 5th.
However, we always have enough stock through a year.
You can purchase anytime of a year.

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(Frequently Asked Questions)

koinobori Japan
KOINOBORI-SHOP.JPA:KOINOBORI-JAPAN.JP is an online shopping site specializing in Japanese koinobori, carp windsocks or carp streamers, and their related goods, being operated by a Japanese company named INTER-LAB CORPORATION.
KOINOBORI-JAPAN.JP presents these articles to people all over the world, at very reasonable prices.
icon CURRENCY Q: Why are your prices shown in the Japanese currency, Yen?
A: We have customers in many countries all over the world. Although it may seem convenient to follow the pattern of other web shops and display prices in US dollars, we have decided to display prices in Japanese Yen so that we may cater equally to all of our customers and also allow for streamlined maintenance of our prices.
Q: How do I know the price in the currency of our country?
currency conversionA: All prices are shown in the Japanese currency, Yen (JPY). You may have a general idea, by clicking the button "EXCHANGE RATE" on the right for the true value in the currency desired. Please be sure to confirm the true value in your currency, before you place an order.
icon ITEM Q: Do you have some catalog or leaflet of your items?
A: No. This website "KOINOBORI-JAPAN.JP" is the only one tool we can show you all of our koinobori items.
This is mainly because we think that the website on the Internet is the best tool to let the customers know the newest information both promptly and continually, different from printings. Actually, we frequently update the contents including the new items.
Furthermore, we try to reduce the cost as much as possible in order to offer you lower prices.
"The best quality at the least price" is one of our basic policies.
icon WHOLESALE Q: Do you have any wholesale price lists? How can we set up a wholesale account?
  we don't sell by wholesaleA: No.
Via Internet, we sell our products directly to our consumers all over the world.
In order to give and keep the best price and service to each customer, DIRECT SALES is our basic policy. Therefore, we don't sell our products by wholesale.
icon ORDER Q: Do you accept purchase orders from overseas?
We ship worldwide.A: Yes, of course. "KOINOBORI-JAPAN.JP" is accepting purchase orders from all over the world. If you would like to know more about how-to-order, take a look at the HOW TO ORDER page. However, there are some areas outside of which EMS cannot deliver. Be sure to let us know the address or the name of the country and the city in case of purchase order or inquiry. There are also some goods unable to be delivered to some areas due to EMS regulations of the size of a parcel.
Q: Why don't you use a shopping basket system like other web shops?
A: With such things as shipping costs or exchange rate calculations catering for a every country, it would require that we develop a complex website that would slowly draw our time and efforts away from sourcing and supplying high quality and interesting products. We would prefer to spend the time and effort required to develop and maintain such a system responding to each and every customer on an individual basis, which is in fact what we do.
Q: Will the order be definitely placed, if all necessary items are filled in the order form and sent as is?
A: No. Since shipping charges have to be determined for each item in the order, we will inform you by e-mail of the total cost, including the shipping charges. Contact us first by e-mail.
Q: Is the order changeable after sending the order form?
A: Yes. Since an exchange of several mails will be necessary, until the order is confirmed, you may pose additional questions and you may alter your order in your mail.
icon PAYMENT Q: How can I pay?
A: There are 2 options in payment:
koinobori1) your own credit card (VISA, or MasterCard)
koinobori2) If you would like to know more about each method, please see below.
Please see below!
Q: Can I make payment by a credit card?
A: Yes. You can pay by your own credit card/Visa, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB, Diners Club International or their tied-up card. Your credit card payment procedure will be done at an e-cash site, which is protected by a secure (SSL by VeriSign) transaction. Since our register page is protected by a secure transaction, your credit card information cannot be read by anyone on the Internet. Therefore, please never send your important credit card information directly to us by email. Your credit card payment procedure must be done only at the said e-cash register page.
VISA cardkoinoboriMasterCard
AMERICAN EXPRESSJCBDiners Club International
eCash register
Q: How can I wire transfer the money to your bank account?
A: In case you select Wire Transfer, we inform you by email of the necessary detailed information for that transfer.
icon SHIPPING Q: Is there any option in shipping?
EMS sheetA: No, we only use EMS in shipping. EMS, international express mail service by air freight, is a speedy way to send documents as well as general articles as top priority mail. EMS is also the most reliable shipping method. You can track and trace your order with the given EMS item number by visiting the Japan Post's official site. If you would like to know more about EMS, please take a look at the SHIPPING page.
Those who wish to have the product delivered as a gift need to let us know that. When that is not requested, we will send out the goods with an invoice as usual and write clearly what the article is and the price in a delivery check.

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